Leather Restoration

We at Delray Beach Fl Carpet Cleaning | D & S only use quality leather restoration products including leather coloring, leather repair kits, dye and painting kits, conditioners, cleaners, protection products and everything required for complete leather care. Our Leather Restoration Service repairs leather that has been cut, scratched, cracked or torn. Our services and products can be used on leather furniture, couches, car seats, steering wheels and other car interior parts, handbags, jackets, and other things made of leather.

Apart from our Leather Repair service, we offer leather dyes and paints in DIY Leather Restoration. These dyes and paints will transform faded, worn, or lightly scratched leather to a finished and restored condition.

Delray Beach Fl Carpet Cleaning | D & S also offers services you need for all of your cleaning, repair, re-coloring, or reconditioning projects.

We have over 2o years of experience in the leather repair and restoration field, so we can offer you a wealth of resources and services. Delray Beach Fl Carpet Cleaning | D & S offers the best leather restoration service you’ll need for all of your leather products and restoration needs.

Our Leather Restoration Service includes:

o  Cleaning

o  Repair