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At Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S, we know marble. We understand and appreciate its characteristics. Our passion for what we do and a strong commitment to educate our customers on proper care and maintenance is evident in every single job we do. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S not only perform these services, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning your marble. We specialize in services and products for stone and tiles. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S work involves stone re-surfacing, tile repairs, deep cleaning using steam or chemical washing, grout repairs and cleaning, chip repairs and also sealing of your tiles to protect them from further damage. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S can advise you on the daily routine maintenance and refinishing process to keep your stone and tiled floors, counter tops and tables looking great.

Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S floors offer a durable and elegant finish that will enhance the look of any room and add value to any home. From small domestic work to large commercial contracts we are able to offer you friendly, knowledgeable, professional advice. When stone becomes dull and scratched, it obviously loses its shine and luster. At this time the stone needs polishing and refinishing to restore in its original shine. Our skilled staff works with a variety of fine stone, including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, and concrete. We have the best craftsmen in the stone care industry and are constantly trained on the newest stone care and polishing techniques. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S restore the beauty of your natural stone floors and surfaces so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Whether you just need a light polishing or have a full-scale restoration project in mind, our restoration company and fully insured professionals can handle the job expertly and efficiently. Each of our technicians is highly trained and skilled in natural stone, concrete and tile & grout to ensure beautiful results.

While marble and granite look great when new, when it gets old it can look outdated and dingy.  Classic Marble Restoration brings the marble and stone in your Hollywood home, restaurant or office back to it’s original shine.

Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S proudly services all of Delray Beach and the entire South Florida area.marblecleaninginner
Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S is committed to providing our Delray Beach neighbors with the best service and products.  Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S is dedicated to proper technique and understanding the difference of each stone.  Using the wrong technique and cleaning products on the wrong stone, marble or granite can cause harm to the stone and leave it with an unnatural tarnish.

At Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S, Florida we strive to deliver high quality service, reliability, and complete customer satisfaction. These traits have earned us an outstanding reputation in the community. We have developed a unique marble polishing process that ensures that the results are astonishing. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S offers a 100 percent Customer Satisfaction for our marble polishing Delray Beach FL and marble restoration Delray Beach services.

At Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S we strive to deliver a high quality of service, reliability, and complete customer satisfaction that has earned us an outstanding reputation on the community. We have developed a unique database system to keep all records of our customers and the results are astonishing, with us you will receive personal services for all your stone needs.

The use of marble and natural stone to furnish and beautify homes is rapidly increasing and this has been confirmed by a rise in demand of marble and natural stone restoration services. Marble used on floors, countertops and other areas need to be always kept clean and should have an outstanding appearance. By using marble to finish the home, it increases the beauty and elegance of the home. Moreover, it also creates a sense of style and modern appearance to homes.

Over time these marble and natural stone lose their appearance as they will start to scarp, discolor, and fade away. This is where the services of a marble restoration company is required. Most people are not aware of the marble restoration and marble polishing service, or believe that cleaning marble or natural stone is too expensive. If you are one of these people then think again! You can have your marble floors, terrazzo floors, or any natural stone floors polished at an affordable rate by the most recommended marble restoration company in South Florida. Marble Cleaning Delray Beach Fl | D&S deals with a wide range of marble and natural stone surfaces ranging from marble floors, granite and marble showers walls, natural stone vanity and natural stone counter tops, terrazzo cleaning, Mexican Tile floors, pool decks and many other natural stone surfaces.