Marble Polishing

Marble RestorationBuying marble is a big investment for your home. It can be damaged in many ways due to exposure, wear, improper maintenance, scratching, applying the wrong cleaning chemicals, staining and etching which can damage the beauty of the stone and turn it into a dull lifeless surface. Our qualified technicians are able to restore all these surfaces back to their original shine and beauty.

Moreover, the improper maintenance, poor installation or warping of the stone can make the surface irregular and uneven. Our servicemen can grind these surfaces to the original flatness and polish them so that they become shiny and lustrous like before.

Natural stone floors can easily become dull and less shiny in busy commercial areas as people may bring sediment and grit with their shoes that erode the stone’s crystals. The pressure of the foot causes the sediment on the surface to abrade and fracture the crystals of the stone. We use diamond abrasives, especially designed and engineered for Marble or Granite works to restore the natural beauty of the crystals so that they can reflect light evenly and shine brilliantly as well.

Most natural stones are made up of minerals and they vary in hardness. For edge polishing sometimes diamond discs are used. These flex and float and polish unevenly.

Flexible diamond polishing discs or pads usually remove softer part of the stone which makes it appear ‘wavy’ and the surface reflects unevenly.

The Concrete restoration process is similar to the restoration method for Granite & Marble floor surfaces. To grind and flatten the surface, super abrasive sintered metal bonded discs are used. To remove the scratches that are present due the metal bonded diamond discs used previously Diamond System are used. Depending on the type of product special Concrete hardener is applied to the surface before or after the honing diamond steps.